Edward Topol: Hollywood made the world more tolerable towards homosexuals and blacks

Edward TopolWriter Edward Topol, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday, thinks that Hollywood played a tremendous part in fostering acceptance. He dismantles the myth of the American "dream factory" that promotes movies full of sex and violence.

"Cinema gradually moved the society towards acceptance of race equality. Hollywood is the most liberal place in America and the forefront of the struggle for black and gay rights as well as the rights of other groups that are strangely called minorities. It played a tremendous role in making society more tolerable", - said Edward Topol in his interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" ("The Russian Newspaper") promoting "Standing on the Edge". This is the first movie made by the playwright and novelist Topolev who also assumed the roles of the producer and the co-director in the project.

Translated by Alexander Lipovtsev

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