Interview magazine's 20 Gorgeous people

zac efron, celebrity, goregous, colin
One of the great things about magazines (and blogs) is the hauteur of lists.

The last week of any year will find everyone scrambling to put together their list of significant events, people, deaths, and stories. Interview magazine, which was started in 1969 by Andy Warhol and Gerald Melanga has always been dedicated to celebrity. So it is no surprise that that the magazine doesn’t just make the claim for the year, BUT THE LAST DECADE! It would seem so subjective, but that is what an opinion is—so who is the sexiest person the last decade? Looking like a child with some Tyrone Power DNA, it is Zac Efron. Others include Chance Crawford, Ashley Greene, Colin Farrell, Kate Moss, Ryan Phillippe and a bevy of other young beauties. The beauty of lists is that undoubtedly someone will disagree, that said, the Interview list does seem hell-bent on youth, which assuredly is no guarantee of being gorgeous.

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