DAVID Beckham is a gay icon

DAVID Beckham is "officially" a gay icon after being singled out as a bit of a cutie by one of the world's best-known homosexual screen stars.

Lord Of The Rings actor Sir Ian McKellen described the image-conscious England football captain as "beautiful", and even suggested Becks loves the adoration from boys of that sexual persuasion.

"David Beckham is a beautiful man. He's got a nice smile," Sir Ian revealed.

"I spoke to him at a party. He's a gay icon and I know he likes it."

Sir Ian admitted he was floored by Beckham's "beauty" when the pair met backstage at Live 8, but probably didn't make a move because Posh Spice was draped all over him.

Becks hasn't commented on the story, which appeared in The Sun, but the paper quoted a source close to him saying he was delighted by the news.

"David was really flattered when Ian told him how popular he is," the source said.

"David's a big Lord Of The Rings fan so it meant a lot to him. Ian thought David was absolutely charming."

There has been no comment, however, on gossip that Beckham's multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi could be under threat after he was spotted guzzling Coca-Cola in France.

A spy for the New York Post was hanging out at hip A-list haunt Club 55 in St Tropez when he reportedly spotted the Real Madrid star supping on the "real thing".

"David Beckham and his Spice Girl wife trying to avoid paparazzi at 55 because they were guzzling Coca-Colas," the spy revealed in the paper's Page Six gossip column.

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