Welcome to Mr. Gay Europe 2008 in Budapest

Once again The Mr. Gay Europe Organization is happy to invite all of Europe to the MGE finals in Budapest, Hungary, July 2 - 6.

Oslo October 1, 2007: The Mr. Gay Europe Organization is happy to invite you once again to wonderful and exciting Budapest who has taken upon themselves hosting Mr. Gay Europe in 2008!
The Mr. Gay Europe organization is proud to re-join forces with the gay community of Budapest, after the great success they produced in 2007. Having received applications from other host cities it was Budapest who had the best proposal and their location proved last year to be ideal for welcoming more of the countries in the eastern part of Europe. The dates of the competition will be July 2 thru 6, 2008 - and this year we will see some exciting changes and news to the competition!
Mr Gay Europe - celebrates the gay European man and pays tribute to the diversity as well as what we have in common as gay men in Europe. We invite gay men all over Europe to take part in this festivity in Budapest, part of a new venture for the city called the Budapest Gay Days, a week long international celebration of the global GLBT community.
The men you will see on stage have either been chosen to represent their native country or have won local titles as Mr. Gay, and they are certainly all winners in their own right!
The winners of 2007
No. 1 Talent
2) Bulgaria
3) Ireland
People's Choice
The Netherlands
2) Spain
3) Hungary
Mr. Gay Europe
2) U. K.
3) Ireland
(Voted among the Delegates themselves)
Mr Swim Wear
2) Gran Canaria
3) Spain
Mr. Gay Europe 2008

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