Erasure's Openly Gay Andy Bell Unplugged

Andy BellAndy Bell and Vince Clarke

Many times in their 20 year, 20 million album selling pop star music career, Erasure have delivered the unexpected. Now fans are in for what is possibly the techno/electro synth duo's greatest surprise turn of all.

This month longtime openly gay pop frontman Andy Bell and Vince Clarke release their new “unplugged”, country-western styled, acoustic guitar based CD - Union Street. Comprised of covers of their own classic songs, the CD highlights their lesser-known album cuts and “born-again B-sides.

The breakaway hit single from Union Street is the soulful and sad, same-sex love ballad “Boy”, originally recorded for the Cowboy album in 1997. The album also includes a wondrous, quasi-new age version of one of their most beauteous melodies – “Stay with Me” first heard on their introspective and experimental 1995 album Erasure.


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