"American Idol": No Boundaries!

"Yes, Kara got paid for writing that song" (All Pics: Getty)

Last night's American Idol started out with Ryan Seacrest declaring it a battle between "Conway and California", "the acoustic rocker versus the glam rocker", and "the guy next door versus the guyliner".

It took every ounce of strength, but somehow I kept watching after that. I was rewarded with two guys trying their best to get through the biggest moment in their lives, and having to deal with the added stress of performing one of the most craptastic songs ever written.

Both guys had to perform three songs; their favorite song of the season, a song picked by Idol creator Simon Fuller and ... a song co-written by judge Kara.

Adam went with Mad World (which for many people was the song that catapulted him into stardom), the Simon Fuller pick A Change is Gonna Come (and brought the house down), and ... the Kara song.

Kris did Ain't No Sunshine, the Simon Fuller pick What's Going On? (and his performance was a little too peppy for me considering it's a serious protest song), and ... the Kara song.

Okay ... that Kara song. Is it just me, or did both guys look like it was painful for them to have to sing it? It seemed to fit Kris's style more than Adam, though.

So what did you think? How did the guys do last night, and who do you think will pull it out tonight? While you're contemplating, enjoy this backstage video, and these pics ... especially the last one of Carrie Underwood performing Home Sweet Home ... because when I think of Motley Crue, she's the first image that comes to mind.

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