Wes (Partner of Danny Roberts)

The Real World: New Orleans’ Danny Roberts(who recently topped our Top 15 Favorite Gay Reality Stars poll) first met his partner Wes in college at the University of Georgia. They were both closeted, so their brief affair was hush-hush.

“Fast forward 10 years and I’m living in New York City and out with friends for my birthday,” Danny tells AfterElton.com. “Guess who approaches me and asks if I remember him? Yep, there’s Wes. My reply was, ‘Of course, you’re the sexy Puerto Rican from college!’ So we started dating casually, but eventually I had to move to Atlanta for a job. The decision was made for Wes to join me so we’ve been living together since. I guess you can call it all fate!”

Danny Roberts (left) and partner Wes

The couple has been together – “in some fashion on another,” Danny says – for two years now.

“We’re both getting used to living in the South,” Danny says. “It’s a real first for Wes and practically new for me after being away for ten years. It’s culture shock at its best! We both have a similar temperament and world-view so it’s a good match. I would say our number one love that we both enjoy more than anything is travel. We soon leave for Central America to see the Mayan ruins, which is a life-long dream of mine.”

Are there kids in the couple’s future? “He’s very anxious to start a family,” Danny says, “but I just want a dog! You have to start somewhere, right?”


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